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Opening up the Halloween Weekend we have some great costume and fancy dress Halloween party ideas from Celebrity Juice with their dressed up panel for their Halloween special.  Last year Holly was the ultimate Harley Quinn and channeled the look perfectly.  Interestingly she has gone for another comic book character this year showing once again TV and Film are the biggest influences on Halloween 2017 costumes. Here is our Halloween 2017 Top 10. 10.Disney Add a sinister edge to a traditional character like Snow White with a poison apple and a trickle of blood from her mouth or try Cruella De...

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  We love Book Day at Wardrobe it is such fun helping children and parents become their favourite character.  Even the most timid seem to enjoy this day and the children’s ideas never cease to amaze.   For Book Day we have complete outfits and a huge array of accessories if you already have a jumper or part of the outfit at home and just need a couple of extras to finish it off.  Here are our favourite ideas for 2017 ROALD DAHL Always a favourite and not surprising as his characters are so much fun! MR TWIT – Any old...

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