World Book Day Costume ideas 2017

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World Book Day Costume ideas 2017


We love Book Day at Wardrobe it is such fun helping children and parents become their favourite character.  Even the most timid seem to enjoy this day and the children’s ideas never cease to amaze.  

For Book Day we have complete outfits and a huge array of accessories if you already have a jumper or part of the outfit at home and just need a couple of extras to finish it off.

 Here are our favourite ideas for 2017


Always a favourite and not surprising as his characters are so much fun!

MR TWIT – Any old suit or trousers will do and we have a selection of fake beards and noses. Specs and nose with hair £2.25.

FANASTIC MR FOX – You need a waistcoat and jacket or we have a complete outfit or masks, face paints and numerous tails to choose from. Fox Animal Set £5.95 

BFG – -So easy plain t-shirt, waistcoat and cut off some old trousers but its all about the ears on the accessories. Jumbo ears £3.75.

MATILDA – Blue Dress and Specs. Wire Specs £2.85  

 WILLY WONKA – Complete outfit £19.95 or we have numerous top hats and a black and white cane £1.95 to finish off the look.


 Modern Day Favourites

David Walliams - Gangsta Granny pair of wire specs, a handbag, tracksuit and a great wig make this a hilarious outfit. 

Harry Potter and Hermione are cult modern favourites - For Harry the glasses £2.25 are a must and for Hermione find that hair crinkler and accessorise with the tie £5.95.  

We also have a range of scarfs, cloaks, Mortar hats and wands!

Tiger Who came to Tea - Tiger face paint pack, Tiger Mask, Tiger Animal Set

Gruffalo- Fur fabric in Brown - £10.30 Price per metre

Horrid Henry - Blue jumper and sew a yellow strip around chest and arms.  Red short hair wig.

The Classics 

Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland Large Clock £5.95

Charlottes Web - We have some fantastic spider tights and animal accessories to choose from.

Bert from Mary Poppins


Chimney Sweep Brush £6.95

Treasure Island Pirate.  Everyone has a pirate outfit at home!  Striped t shirt or cut off trousers will do.  We have everything else from Pirates beard to a hook £3.50 and cutlass .

Peter Rabbit - Blue jacket and Rabbits tail.  We have a complete outfit to buy £16.00

We have a list in store of over 50 characters for Book Day along with ideas on what to choose.  Please pop in and see us we would be delighted to help you.  We are open Monday - Saturday and have free parking outside. 


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