Halloween Costume Trends 2017

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Halloween Costume Trends 2017

Opening up the Halloween Weekend we have some great costume and fancy dress Halloween party ideas from Celebrity Juice with their dressed up panel for their Halloween special.  Last year Holly was the ultimate Harley Quinn and channeled the look perfectly.  Interestingly she has gone for another comic book character this year showing once again TV and Film are the biggest influences on Halloween 2017 costumes.

Here is our Halloween 2017 Top 10.


Add a sinister edge to a traditional character like Snow White with a poison apple and a trickle of blood from her mouth or try Cruella De Vil, don't forget the cigarette holder accessory.

9. Mythical and Legend Characters

8.Day of the Dead. 

Make up keeps getting bigger each year as more products come on the market and techniques become more elaborate.  Glamourise the look further by using spirit gum to glue on diamante face jewels.  Head dress and veil for the girls and Top hats for the boys.


Eye contacts are popular with this look as is the make up. Tight corsets, black lace and ghostly white faces and black wings.


Glitter has made a big burst onto the scene this year and it is here this Halloween in the hair and on the face.  Our glow in the dark and our iridescent range has been popular so far.

5.Donald Trump and various other politicians. 

We have in stock a great Donald wig that has been a sell out all year.


Cheerleaders, Mummies, Children there is a Zombie look for everyone this year.

3.Pennywise and Clowns with ruffs. 

Possibly one of the scariest movie characters ever, Pennywise has been updated for the new film and is just as horrible as the first one.  Red hair lots of white make up and a clowns ruff.

2. Double up

Going as a couple is big again this year.  Celebrity Juice's Penguin and Cat Woman, Thor and Loki, Jon Snow and Daenerys, Princess Leia and Darth Vader.

1.Game of Thrones

Need we say anymore! In at number 1 and definitely the biggest influence on costumes this year is GOT.  From Jon Snow, White walker, Daenerys to the Night King so many characters we have been dressing Game of Thrones party goers all year.  We have plenty of choice from detailed hire costumes to latex masks if GOT is your look this year we can help. 


Happy Halloween!


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