Hot Halloween

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Hot Halloween

Halloween is THE party of the year for fancy dress.  Anything goes from glamorous to dark and there are so many characters and looks to choose from this year. 

Superhero Poison Ivy, Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn, Joker, Deadshot, Killer croc, Deadpool, The Punisher, Jessica Jones, Black Widow, Dare Devil, Thor.

Corpse Bride

Bye bye the witch is dead welcome corpse bride flowing dresses and gowns with lots of grey and a veil.  Zombie esque makeup.


The new Stephen King IT film and Twisty from American Horror Story have helped bring back the dreaded red and white killer clown look. Everyone seems to be scared of clowns and they certainly make an impression but they don’t all have to be dark and sinister. 

Broken Dolls

White faces with colourful cupid lips and tutu dresses.  Wigs are a must especially bunches or plaits with some stockings to complete the look.


He will never die.. get the basics right and you can wear what you want.  The best vampire teeth you can find with fake blood and eye lenses. 


Dark and freaky Ring Masters, Lion tamers and clowns. Dark leather, corsets, jackets, gloves and a hat.

Victorian Gothic Neon Moon’s legendary Halloween Ball have a Gothica theme this year - Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper, Fagin, Steam punk, Vampires/The Cavern, Dorian Grey are our character ideas.

Black corsets, Top Hats, Cravats,Long gloves, lots of lace, amazing makeup..dark and fabulous you get the picture!

Authentic costumes to hire from £25

Vintage Top hats to hire from £7

Day of the Dead

A celebration of the dead with intricate and colourful make up for the girls and skull faces for the boys. 

Game of thrones

Medieval Queens and Kings. Cloaks and dark Rich fabrics.


This is so easy but you have to get the make up right for this one.  Latex kits and lots of fake blood.  Grey Zombie Wig to finish the look.

 All costumes and accessories available to buy or hire from Wardrobe Fancy Dress Cambridge

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