Hen and Stag dress up and costume ideas Spring 2017

Hen Party, Stag Party -

Hen and Stag dress up and costume ideas Spring 2017

Nothing is more exciting than planning your best friend's final party as a singleton however it can also be quite stressful if you are out of ideas.  Wardrobe Cambridge are here to help.  We have lots of items in store from the glamorous to the fun making sure your friends have the best send off to married life.

Here are our top ideas for 2017

For the girls..

Princess Leia - Slinky white dress and buns or wig £11.95 and costume to hire £25

Baby and Patrick Swayze's  Nobody puts Baby in the corner here.  All the hens dress head to toe in black and get a 80's style wig while bride looks pretty as a picture in her pink dress. Pink dress £37.95

Farrah and Charlies Angels.  Wigs are such fun at the moment and we have a cool flick wig in blonde and brown. £10.95

Harley Quinn - such an iconic look from last year and still popular.  Grab some red hotpants and put that hair in pigtails spray the ends red and blue and add a little bomber jacket. Hair spray £2.95 per colour.  Red hot pants to buy £9.99

Sandy and the Pink Ladies. An oldie but a goodie we have jackets to hire and a great new selection of wigs to compliment the look. Hire from £25 Sandy Wig £13.95

Katy Perry Blue wig £11.95 and some daisy dukes or Sweetie costume £31.00

Great Gatsby Ultra glam and sophisticated this could be as simple as a gorgeous headpiece from £5.95 and cigarette holder each £3.75

For the boys...

The Hustle.  We are talking Starsky and Hutch style here lots of denim, over sized cardigans and winged long leather jackets.  Hustle wig and tash £9.95

80's action hero or the The A team.  Mr T, Hannibal or Face?  Costume £39.95 Gun belt Rambo or Arnie style £5.95

90's Shell suit glamour.  Admit it we all had one!  Get in that loft or buy a replica for some great laughs.   Obligatory mullet wig £9.95 Costume £32.00

Bavarian - Beer and Lederhosen the perfect combination! Costume £37.50 or hat from £3.95

Pimps and gangstas Gold rings and chains £6.95  Purple pimp suit £32.50 Purple Fedora £5.95

All items available from Wardrobe Costume Cambridge


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